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Does your IT environment need expansion?

We can help! 1st Source IT has seasoned project managers that can handle all aspects of your infrastructure build-out project. Whether it is planning, resource acquisition, project tracking, vendor negotiation or equipment selection, our professionals will ensure that you know what your costs will be and when the job will be done.

1st Source IT has over 15 years of technical project management experience. We can help you identify your requirements, plan and implement the entire project, or simply ensure that what you’ve planned happens on time and on budget. Let us help you so you can focus on growing your business.

Do you manage multiple vendors to meet your technology needs?

We can help! We can assess your current vendors to ensure you're getting the best bang for your buck. We can help you determine if consolidating the number of vendors would be an advantage for you. We can also help negotiate those painful support and maintenance agreements and support options.

1st Source IT has 15 years experience working with multiple technology vendors. Whether you are large or small, your vendors help you be effective. Together, we can help ensure that they are working for you!

Our goal is to simplify your life relative to technology. Interacting with technology partners and vendors is what we do. It is one of our core competencies. If you would rather focus on the needs and growth of your business, let us take the technology burden off your back! We want to help you use technology wisely.

Your employees are your most valuable assets.

If IT is not their primary job or if IT has gotten out of control, 1st Source IT can help. We offer on-site or remote management of your servers, desktops, laptops and network.

We stabilize your existing systems and make the environment supportable. We work with you to manage and administer your environment to meet your business needs.

Also, ask us about a remote supportability plan that will save you time and money. Keep your employees focused on what you hired them for. Let us take the technology burden off your back!


Is your company burdened by the application or maintenance of technology in your business?

If so, we can help! Our CIO-2-Go program enables you to have on-going, senior management participation in your management team in a fully engaged manner.

We work with your team to help stabilize your current environment and then develop the strategic and tactical plans necessary to meet your future needs. Our motto is “Helping business use technology wisely”. Let us work for you!

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Tony D. Birnseth


  • Strong emphasis on leadership and adapting existing work cultures to solve challenging business and technical problems.
  • In-depth experience managing remote and widely dispersed technical organizations.
  • 15 years as a technical manager of large and small software development organizations utilizing practical applications of structured concepts.
  • Technical experience based in operating system design and development (UNIX and derivatives) with recent focus on graphical application development in a WEB based environment.
  • In-depth knowledge of networking and system/network security.
  • Budget responsibilities in excess of $10M annually.


  • Problem Solving
    • Demonstrated skill in rescuing troubled projects and/or organizations.
    • Proven track record of delivering high quality products that are deployable and supportable.
  • Architecture
    • Fully versed in system and application architectures (UNIX, DNA, .NET).
    • Review and adjust system and product architectures to fully meet business, quality, deployment, support and performance objectives.
  • Quality Engineering
    • Quality Evangelist! Demonstrated leadership of Quality Engineering and Quality Assurance organizations. Strong emphasis on designing testability into a product.
  • Project Management
    • 15+ years of managing large and small projects.
    • 12+ years of managing Project and Technical Managers.
  • Administration
    • Proven ability to manage to budget guidelines and adjust for either growth or downsizing.
    • 15 years managing large and small technical organizations seeking creative solutions to problems and issues.
  • Organizational Development
    • Demonstrated skill in organizational re-development, designing and implementing organizational and process modifications to meet current and future business needs.
  • Information Technology
    • Effective definition, design and deployment of wide-area and multi-site organizations. Extensive use of various tracking, management, development and process management systems.
  • Networking
    • In-depth knowledge and experience deploying cost-effective, simple and complex networks (wired/wireless) including topology, performance, security and management policies and practices.

Professional Experience

ADP Dealer Services Inc., Portland, OR
Vice President Next Generation Development, Portland OR 2001 – 2004

Managed a technical team of 90+ professionals composed of Technical Managers, Software Engineers, Quality Engineers, Technical Writers and associated Project Managers and Administrative Staff.
Responsible for all aspects of product definition, development
and certification. Product highlighted a rich-client UI in a thin-client browser environment.

  • Inherited a troubled, multi-site development effort. Stabilized system architecture, improved quality assurance and development processes resulting in lower defect densities, higher performance and greater reliability and maintainability.
  • Sculpted a productive team from a fractured cultural environment.
  • Created product vision and metrics that improved morale and reduced attrition from 15% to less than 2%.
  • Reduced program expenditures from $12M to $10.5M in first year through analyzing and making effective use of contract resources.
  • Provided development tools and technical training that improved the capabilities of the software Development and Quality Assurance organizations.

Director Canadian Development, Vancouver British Columbia 1998 – 2001

Working as an Ex-patriot, managed the Application Development Organization (fat client) for ADP’s Canadian products consisting of two remote development groups (Montreal and Vancouver) with business centered in Toronto.

  • Implemented a Canadian Development Process resulting in delivering 2 products to market within first year. Over 200 sites installed with GP of $20K each.
  • Established strong working relationships with other departments within ADP Canada. Resulting teamwork produced an installable, supportable and maintainable

Director Systems Development, Portland OR 1992 – 1998

Recruited to develop the Systems Engineering Organization for UNIX based products. Led the definition of platform architecture as well as definition of ADP system services (printing, port management, backup/restore, user management, etc.)

  • Drove the transition of the organization from a ‘react and respond’ culture to one of being a ‘requirements driven’ organization providing a high quality product with a predictable development cycle.
  • Augmented the skill set of System Software Engineers through technical training, quality objectives and attrition. Hired new people (managers, engineers,
    writers) with appropriate skills to meet future objectives.

Sequent Computer Systems, Beaverton, OR
Software Integration Lead 1990 - 1992

Defined, created, and organized a Software Integration team to verify cohabitation and integration of various Sequent layered software products ensuring that a wide variety of 3rd party products cooperatively supported the business strategy.

Tektronix Inc., Wilsonville, OR
Manager Systems Integration and Operating Systems Development 1986 – 1992

Managed the operating system development and system integration of Tek’s M88K graphic workstation products. Responsible for UNIX OS port to the M88K architecture and
integration of layered product components.

Senior System SW Engineer 1981 – 1986

Enhanced and maintained Tektronix’ modified version of Berkeley UNIX (V4.1, V4.2, V4.3).

Developed applications and software tools necessary to support UNIX Support Group’s internal customer base including a defect tracking system, SW distribution system, device
drivers and kernel performance enhancements, etc..



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