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Does your IT environment need expansion?

We can help! 1st Source IT has seasoned project managers that can handle all aspects of your infrastructure build-out project. Whether it is planning, resource acquisition, project tracking, vendor negotiation or equipment selection, our professionals will ensure that you know what your costs will be and when the job will be done.

1st Source IT has over 15 years of technical project management experience. We can help you identify your requirements, plan and implement the entire project, or simply ensure that what you’ve planned happens on time and on budget. Let us help you so you can focus on growing your business.

Do you manage multiple vendors to meet your technology needs?

We can help! We can assess your current vendors to ensure you're getting the best bang for your buck. We can help you determine if consolidating the number of vendors would be an advantage for you. We can also help negotiate those painful support and maintenance agreements and support options.

1st Source IT has 15 years experience working with multiple technology vendors. Whether you are large or small, your vendors help you be effective. Together, we can help ensure that they are working for you!

Our goal is to simplify your life relative to technology. Interacting with technology partners and vendors is what we do. It is one of our core competencies. If you would rather focus on the needs and growth of your business, let us take the technology burden off your back! We want to help you use technology wisely.

Your employees are your most valuable assets.

If IT is not their primary job or if IT has gotten out of control, 1st Source IT can help. We offer on-site or remote management of your servers, desktops, laptops and network.

We stabilize your existing systems and make the environment supportable. We work with you to manage and administer your environment to meet your business needs.

Also, ask us about a remote supportability plan that will save you time and money. Keep your employees focused on what you hired them for. Let us take the technology burden off your back!


Is your company burdened by the application or maintenance of technology in your business?

If so, we can help! Our CIO-2-Go program enables you to have on-going, senior management participation in your management team in a fully engaged manner.

We work with your team to help stabilize your current environment and then develop the strategic and tactical plans necessary to meet your future needs. Our motto is “Helping business use technology wisely”. Let us work for you!

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Our CIO-2-Go program is our flagship program. We offer fully engaged IT management services on a contract basis.

CIO-2-Go Program

Overwhelmed by the day-to-day confusion surrounding technology in and around your workplace? Unsure of how to plan your future to enable technology to work for you instead of against you?

1st Source IT can help! We offer an alternative to traditional IT consulting approaches for your technology problems. With over 20 years in technology development, 1st Source IT can provide you the cost-effective professional expertise you need on your management team.

The concept is simple. We offer fully engaged participation in the management of your business with emphasis on the use of technology to reduce your costs, broaden your market exposure and improve the productivity of your workers.

We review your current usage of technology for security, ease-of use, maintainability and its ability to meet your current goals. We stabilize your current environment, offloading the responsibility from your workers (if needed/desired). This allows them to immediately become more productive in the area of responsibility you hired them for.

After your current environment is stable, we work with you to train your employees to maintain the existing environment or we manage and maintain it for you.

We work with you and other members of your team to implement your vision. We advise and recommend how you can achieve your goals in the most cost-effective and quality manner. We work with you to develop both strategic and tactical technology plans, helping pave the way for your growth. We help you decide if managing your IT environment in-house is practical for you or whether using our on-site IT services may be a better approach. We work with you to identify and manage technical vendor relationships with the goal of simplifying your life. The entire process is about you and your needs!

We become business partners with you on an ongoing basis. We commit to learning about your business (and industry) so we can provide the best technical advice possible.

Our goal is to ensure that you utilize the right technology for your business, allowing your business to grow more cost-effectively and improve the productivity of your workers.

ATypical Scenario:

  • 1st Source IT provides a free technology review and consultation.
  • Work with you to identify goals and expectations.
  • Develop a customized proposal for how 1st Source IT services can meet your business needs.
  • Contract for our services based on the above review and consultation.
  • Stabilize your current environment.
  • Provide training for your employees as needed.
  • Work with your existing IT staff (if present) or manage your IT environment for you.
  • Provide ongoing participation in your management team to identify where technology can be appropriately applied to meet your business goals.
  • Develop a 3-5 year strategic technology plan that embraces your vision.
  • Develop a 1-2 year tactical technology plan to ensure that your short-term business needs are met.
  • Continually assess the cost-effectiveness of technology in your workplace and provide monthly reports to you for evaluation.
  • If new IT build-out projects are identified, manage the entire process for you.
  • Manage your technical vendor relationships from selection, negotiation and on-going interaction.


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